Plixxo & POPxo's Independence Day Campaign 2017 | My Fragrance History

We have just celebrated India's 71st Independence Day together and this year I was a part of a campaign at Plixxo, country's largest influencer marketing platform, powered by POPxo. The campaign aimed at celebrating Independence Day in our own ways - like creating a makeup look, or clicking pictures, showcasing photography skills, or may be even coming up with another creative idea of your own. I would like to thank Plixxo and POPxo for making me a part of their campaign. Although I couldn't make it to the Top 20 but it was definitely a fun experience altogether !I chose to create a makeup look out of all the options, which was quiet a challenging task as I haven't really tried anything bold like this before. Trust me, I loved creating this look and the results were quiet satisfying.I would quickly share the breakup of the look without mentioning the brand and the product code now. I would like you to take a look on the process first and go through the names of the pr…

Oriflame Sun Zone Intensive After Sun Face & Body Balm | My Fragrance History

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!Apologies for being irregular with my posts as I was travelling, had few family occassions to attend and holidaying with the Husband. Although there shouldn't be any causes and reasons for being irregular as I should know that I have a blog and the prime responsibility is to be regular with posts, but a little excuse never hurts, yes?! While summers fail to impress me in any manner, I have decided to fight and kick away sun tan, rashes or any skin problems caused due to sun, this summer. I have picked the Oriflame Sun Zone Intensive After Sun Balm for Face & Body to try this season. I will quickly share my experience with the product in this post. The product is dermatologically tested so I think it has undergone several laboratory tests to suit the Indian skin tones. It is safe to the skin. The product comes in a blue tube with an orange cap and has all the details marked on the back of the product which makes it easier for anyone to…

TBC by Nature’s Peeling Gel Scrub | Review | My Fragrance History

Proveda Herbals is an ISO certified 9001-2008 WHO GMP certified and the largest exporting and manufacturing organisation with state of the art manufacturing units positioned in India. Proveda quotes that, quality is not an accident. Indeed, it is of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It is a group of herbal products which are meant for daily use for the population in general. It has a wide range of skincare products, body care products, hair care products, personal care products, baby care products, homecare, laundry care and many more. This is how TBC by nature came into existence!
TBC by Nature's Power Magic Peeling Magic Gel Scrub is one of the products that are manufactured keeping the Indian complexion and types in mind. When it comes to the key ingredients of this product, I found it quite appealing. It has extracts of Pineapple, Pomegranate and Keratinase to help the user undergo the process of scrubbing, naturally and …

Doy 'The Jungle Tales' Limited Edition Bath Soaps | Review

Hello everyone!
Today's post is all about Doy Soaps "The Jungle Tales" limited edition bath buddies which are specially designed for toddlers and children, keeping their demands and choices in mind. These soaps are available at Purplle
We all have used these soaps when we were young, isn't it? today, reviewing them as a blogger, gives me goosebumps. Doy is a specially formulated moisturizing bathing bar for children and their sensitive skin. These soaps are enriched with natural milk cream and Shea butter. It cleanses the skin effectively making them feeling soft, supple and well-nourished. 
I personally liked the shapes that they come in. I do not really have a fine experience in handling kids and being aware about their choices and dislikes. To understand that in a better manner, I went to my neighbor's daughter who is only 2 years older and is a a huge fan of fancy soap bars, mildly fragranced shampoos and body oils. As soon as I showed her the pack of 4 soap b…

Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub | Review

Hello all!I am just back home from a short holiday in Digha with my Husband and some of our friends. Digha is a beach which is 4 to 4.5 hours from the city of joy - Kolkata. I loved the seafood which is so famous there. If you visit Digha and you love seafood, especially crabs, then you must try some. Because, they are mouthwatering. :) When I came back home, I realised that Tanning has sheltered me so well that I couldn't even trace my flaws in the face. Gosh! I was tanned so badly. I wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Because lets face it, tan, if not treated on time, takes a huge toll on the skin in the later years. It ages terribly and starts looking dull. Surprisingly, I had this great product at home when I bought this few months ago. And I was rescued!I picked this up from my Mother's wardrobe and wanted to try it once. The product is a brown mixture which has tiny granules meant for scrubbing the face. The company claims to have ingredients like Papaya fruit…

Oriflame Protecting Neem Clay Mask | Review

Hello everyone!Being a skincare and cosmetic consultant at Oriflame for over two years now has been a wonderful journey so far. Attending seminars, meetings, makeup sessions and co operations from fellow members has helped nurture me through every sphere and has taught me the basics and depth of skincare and makeup, in this short span of time. Recently, I have bought the Protecting Neem Clay Mask from Oriflame's Love Nature range of cosmetics. Oriflame has a wide range of skincare products meant for all types of skin. Choosing products, therefore, has become much more easier for a newbee consulting the catalogue for the first time, to effectively choose and make full use of the product. This clay mask is one such product where one can find traces of neem and clay. Oriflame claims to use natural ingredients in all their products to make their customers make the most of its usage. Post application of the clay mask, the skin feels cold and so much moisturised that I did not feel the …

Season of Brights & Corals.

Hello everyone !It has been long since I have posted anything on the blog but I have been enjoying a lot in this auspicious festive month. I hope you all have had a great Pujo! As we all know, Dusshera has just ended and Navratri has been full of endless enjoyment, good food and drinks. I have been active on all my social media handles because I wanted to share pictures with all of you. And festive pictures meant lots of makeup, new clothes and 'Bhog'.I recently bought The ONE Colour Stylist Lipliner from Oriflame in the shade 'Coral Ideal'. The shade isn't really orangish or tangerine but it is a mild salmon color that instantly brightens up the face after application. I am not a huge fan of orange toned lipsticks but I couldn't just let it go. I have already been loving the other shades and I wanted to try this too. Do not mess this up with a lipstick because this product is a lipliner but I have been using it as a filler in the pictures as you will view them…